What Kind of Services are Offered at a Cat Clinic in Lenexa, KS?

Cat lovers know when their pets are not feeling well and need some attention. The best way to ensure that nothing is left undetected is to take the pet to a local Cat clinic Lenexa KS. Here are some of the services that the clinic will offer.

Dental Care

Like humans, cats can experience dental issues that cause a lot of pain. Since animals tend to withdraw when they are ill as a defense mechanism, meaning a change in the behavior of the cat indicates something is wrong. That something could be a damaged tooth or, possibly, some type of gum infection. The team at the cat clinic in Lenexa, KS can examine the pet, identify the type of issue present, and do what must be done to provide the cat with relief.

Aches and Stiffness

As the family cat ages, pain in the joints will become more likely. If the pet is not able to walk with ease or seems to hesitate before jumping on furniture that used to be the ideal place for a nap, make an appointment at the clinic. If arthritis or some other cause for the stiffness is found, the vet can recommend treatment options that will help improve mobility and ease the discomfort.

Major Medical Support

If the cat is injured in an accident, there is no time to waste. The clinic offers emergency services, and now is the time to take advantage of them. With the right type of medical care, it is possible to set broken bones, perform surgery, or do whatever is necessary to expedite the healing process.

Creating a Diet Plan

If the cat does develop a chronic condition, diet will often be part of the treatment process. There are specialists at the clinic that can help the owner understand what type of nutrients must be included in the food, how to determine the right quantities, and what to look for in terms of positive results.

For any cat owner who wants the best in medical care for the pet, visit website today and take a look at the range of services and types of support offered. From dealing with serious medical issues to boarding or grooming services, there will never be the need to take the pet anywhere else.

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