What Services Can Patients Expect From A Pain Management Center?

Living with chronic pain can be difficult, no matter its cause. Chronic pain issues can affect people of all ages and can be determinantal to a person’s normal life. While some people are able to manage their pain levels fairly well, others struggle and find it difficult to keep their pain under control so they can live a normal life. For these individuals, there are help services available through a Pain Management Center. Knowing what to expect from these services can allow patients to feel more at ease in seeking help.

A Pain Management Center in San Tan Valley AZ is one that focuses fully on diagnosing and treating chronic pain in people of all ages. Often, these facilities see patients who have found it difficult to find pain relief through traditional means of treatment. For these patients, it often takes a concerted effort and trying different combinations before true pain relief is experienced. The goal is to help a person find as much relief as possible and improve mobility so they can retain a more normal life.

Medications are a primary part of treatment at pain clinics. There are many types of pain medications that can be used, some in conjunction with others. Non-aspirin, anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids, opioids, and sometimes antidepressants are used to help patients find relief from their pain, depending on the type they are suffering from.

A pain clinic may also offer injections to help patients overcome their pain. Local anesthetics and corticosteroids can be injected right at the site of pain for increased relief. Nerve blocks are also often used to help control the pain being caused by a group of nerves. This temporarily blocks the pain signals being sent so individuals can find relief.

When medication and injection therapies are coupled with physical and water therapy, the results can be lasting. It is important a person seeks treatment as soon as possible, so their pain can be better managed.

If you are in need of pain management help, contact The Regional Pain Institute. They will be happy to schedule you an appointment so you can learn which treatment options are available for you. Call today for your appointment.

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