What You Should Know About Lap Band Surgery in New Mexico

If you’re thinking about having lap band surgery in New Mexico, there are some things you first need to consider. The procedure is proven to result in dramatic weight loss in most patients who have had the surgery. Despite the popularity of lap band surgery, not everybody can have the procedure. Before you can even undergo the process of being fitted for the lap band, you first need to qualify for the procedure. In other words, your overall health needs to be evaluated thoroughly. This is because your doctor needs to decide if you’re healthy enough to have the procedure. Read below to find out what you should know about having the surgery and if it’s the right decision for you.


There are a few restrictions your doctor may have, although they may differ from doctor to doctor. The lap band surgery in New Mexico is minimally invasive. It’s important for you and your doctor to carefully discuss your pre-existing medical conditions and overall health before you schedule the procedure. The qualifications you must meet in order to have the lap band are:

  • A body mass index of at least 40 or at least 30 pounds overweight
  • Have health issues related to this extra weight.
  • At least 18 years old
  • You must be overweight for more than five years

Lifestyle Changes

Once your doctor determines you are a good candidate for lap band surgery in New Mexico, there are some lifestyle changes you should be prepared for. You have to seriously commit to all of the post-op instructions your doctor gives you. This ensures you experience the best results possible. These guidelines include increasing activity level and eating healthier. Maintaining these lifestyle changes will help minimize health problems caused by being overweight. These can also prevent many other health problems arising in the future.

If you’re ready to find out if you qualify for lap band surgery in New Mexico, contact Memorial Weight Loss Center today!

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