Are You Ready to Do Something About Your Eating Disorder?

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Health


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Eating disorders have consequences for the mind as well as for the body. What you may think at the beginning is good for you will end up controlling your life. Have you reached a point where you want to do something about what’s happening to you? Here are some indications that now is the time to seek some sort of eating disorder treatment Laguna Hills.

You Dread Social Situations

At one time, you looked forward to being around other people. Now you tend to dread any invitation to go to dinner or a party. That’s because you know food will be involved. Worse yet, people will expect you to eat. Rather than deal with the food, you decide to stay home. That’s making life lonely. With the right type of treatment, you can move past the disorder and begin to enjoy a balanced social life again.

You Feel Guilty After Every Purge

Perhaps your disorder demands that you consume and then purge. While you feel fine eating, the guilt that you feel after purging is almost more than you can bear. After every purge, you swear it will never happen again. The only problem is that it does happen over and over. With the help of the right eating disorder treatment Laguna Hills, you can break the cycle.

It’s Obvious That Your Health is Suffering

Your health is suffering on multiple levels. You have no stamina and you’re no happier with your body than you were before all this started. Maybe you can’t sleep well. It’s a safe bet that you’re experiencing some amount of depression. Instead of living like that, seeking the right sort of eating disorder treatment Laguna Hills will help you feel better physically and emotionally over time.

Are you ready to make some changes? With the help of professional counselors and others, it is possible to loosen the grip of the disorder and get control of your life again. Stick with the program and see how different you feel in as month or two. With ongoing support, you will overcome and be ready to make the most of living again.

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