What to Expect from a Sports Doctor in Princeton IL

Sports medicine entails a variety of treatments and procedures related to the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. There are several things people can expect from a Sports Doctor in Princeton IL. The first is consultation and training in exercise, workouts, and proper nutrition. Making sure the body has enough protein and carbohydrates to fuel an intense workout and recovery, for example, is a contributing factor to avoiding injury. Proper strengthening and stretching of muscles, ligaments, and tendons will also help prevent injury. Injury prevention is a major component of services offered by a sports doctor. Before taking up any physical sport, or deciding to begin an exercise regimen, it is wise to make an appointment with a doctor trained in sports medicine.

Injury diagnosis and treatment are also services to expect from a Sports Doctor in Princeton IL. Diagnosis can be as simple as an initial examination, or a few X rays. The doctor may ask patients to attempt specific movements, or may try gentle manipulation of a limb to determine the problem. In other cases, diagnosis may require further testing, such as an MRI of the entire body. When discussing issues or problems with the doctor, patients need to be as specific as possible. Accounting when the problem began, what specific actions or movements cause pain or discomfort, and a complete medical history will help expedite diagnosis. Treatments can include simple exercises to do before participating in that particular sport, strengthening muscles via physical therapy, or cortisone shots to relieve pain. Severe injuries may require bracing, splinting, or surgery.

Some surgical procedures have become less invasive, and more precise, due to advanced technology and equipment. Arthroscopic procedures, for example, are less invasive the traditional surgery, and require less recovery time. Risk of infection and development of excessive scar tissue are reduced, and the pain experienced by patients is also reduced. Computer assisted surgery provides better precision, increases the success rate of some procedures, and also reduces the length of incision needed. People who suspect a sports injury, or would like to avoid one, can go to website for details on sports medicine services.

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