For Joint Pain, Contact Experienced Orthopedic Doctors In Panama City, FL

Most people begin to feel old when they start to feel the “aches and pains” of aging. Some people who have always remained active, but didn’t constantly abuse their joints, do very well as they age. Others, such as professional athletes, suffer at an earlier age because of the constant stress their bodies endured.

Science has developed some almost-miraculous treatments, such as methods for preserving and restoring joints and treating damaged cartilage. These treatments allow patients to once again able to pursue their daily activities without constant pain.

Orthopedic doctors in Panama City FL area recommend some simple lifestyle changes that can make it possible to delay or prevent joint damage.

Keep Moving

Joints need the motion to stay in peak condition. When sitting at a desk or watching TV, keep changing your position. Get up and walk around frequently.

Suit Up

It’s not necessary to give up contact sports, but suit up. Padding protects joints. When joints ache, they’re signaling some degree of damage, so either wait a few days or wear a brace.

Check the Scale

When weight creeps up, so does pressure on the knees. Every lost pound will take four pounds of pressure from the knees. Even losing a few pounds is worth it.

Don’t Stretch Cold Muscles

Flexibility is important, and stretching is good – but don’t stretch cold muscles. Walking for a few minutes first will warm and loosen joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Low-Impact Exercise is Best

Protect joints, don’t pound them. Walking, swimming and bicycling are excellent.

Strength Training

Hire a personal trainer to develop a personalized strength training regimen. Becoming stronger gives extra support to the joints and could extend someone’s range of motion.

Try Pilates and Yoga

Join a class; it’s fun and great, low-impact exercise that strengthens muscles and improves balance. Falling is the greatest source of injury to older people, so an improved sense of balance is important.

Most Important – Learn Your Limits

Don’t overdo. Expect to ache a little bit after exercising, but pain shouldn’t last longer than 48 hours. If that happens, don’t work so hard next time. Trying to “work through the pain” can result in joint damage.

If you’re suffering from severe joint damage, Panhandle Orthopaedics specializes in joint and cartilage restoration. These Orthopedic Doctors in Panama City FL also focus on Sports Medicine. When your mobility is at risk, schedule a appointment with experienced Orthopedic Doctors.

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