Physical Therapy After Consultation With an Orthopedic in Nitro West Virginia

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Orthopedics


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Orthopedics is the study, diagnosis and treatment of problems in the bones and joints, as well as in the nerves. Doctors who specialize in orthopedics often perform surgery after patients suffer a serious injury or develop a progressive disorder like bone spurs. After consultation with an Orthopedic in Nitro West Virginia, the doctor may refer the patient to a physical therapist to see whether this type of treatment will help resolve the problem. Patients naturally want to avoid surgery if they can, and sometimes, physical therapy is an effective solution.

Consulting an Orthopedic Doctor

Men and women may consult an Orthopedic in Nitro West Virginia because they are frustrated with the physical disorder they have developed and miss being as active as they used to. They may be dealing with knee or shoulder arthritis, for example, and may feel ready to get an operation if that will end the pain and stiffness. For many patients, physical therapy is effective because it increases strength, range of motion and flexibility.

The Customized Program

Depending on the patient’s physical disorder, a variety of specific exercises are used to achieve these results. The program is modified by the therapist as the person improves. Exercises are meant to be performed at home as instructed, as well as during the clinic sessions.

Patients who are not motivated enough to follow the at-home guidelines will not experience the kind of improvement they hope for. In this kind of treatment, patients must become partners with their healthcare team and not expect ideal results from being passive. Their sessions at a clinic such as Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC are only part of the full program.

Staying on Track for Success

Some men and women become frustrated because results aren’t as swift as they would like. It’s essential to stay focused and realize that continuing to practice the program is key to success, just as it is with so many ventures. Physical therapy is not like taking a pill and having a headache disappear. It addresses the underlying cause of the problem and seeks to fix that cause rather than hide it. You can follow them on Instagram.

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