Why You Should Never Delay a Joint Replacement Surgery in Barrington, IL

Most people spend a ton of time at their place of employment. For this reason, many people who need joint surgery put it off because they don’t want to take time off work. Delaying joint surgery is not a good idea. For one thing, the joint pain can get so debilitating that it can negatively impact your work. Plus, the longer you put off the surgery, the more complex the procedure will need to be when you finally get around to it.

Why You Should Get Your Joint Replacement Surgery Soon

Having joint replacement surgery under the support of an orthopedic surgeon in Barrington might make your work life easier. One study conducted in England found that over 80% of the subjects returned to work after having a joint replacement procedure. Even those who left work because of hip pain eventually returned to their jobs.

Joint Surgeries

If you experience pain in your joints, now might be the time to get some help. Your orthopedic surgeon in Barrington can use advanced techniques to not only cut healing time in half but also perform innovative procedures that will help you return to work.

A hip replacement procedure consists of removing the femoral ball and putting a smaller ball in its place. The ball is made of either metal or ceramic. The ball is then inserted into your thigh bone. Once you heal from your surgery, you’ll notice how well your new joint moves.

When you work with an experienced orthopedic surgeon, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality care. Joint replacement surgery counts as one of the safest surgeries you can receive. After you undergo physical therapy, you should be able to go back to work before long.

Michael Gitelis, M.D. works with patients of all ages residing in the Chicago area. If you experience joint pain that makes your work a lot more difficult, visit us for more information.

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