Lasting and Effective Treatment for Neck Pain in St Louis

The structures of the neck are very delicate and complex. It can be injured or strained very easily. Abnormalities in the joints or bones, trauma, degenerative diseases and improper posture can lead to chronic neck pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a result of back and shoulder disorders. The origin of pain can be diagnosed through x-ray. X-rays uncover direct causes of neck pain. Pain can be caused by narrowed space between spinal bones, slipping of discs, a narrowed spinal canal, fractures, tumors, arthritis and more.

Magnetic resonance imaging is a simple procedure that tells if nerves are the cause of pain. Electromyography is a nerve conduction study that determines if the pain is caused by a nerve disorder or muscle disorder. The muscles respond to nerve signals. Electromyography measures how responsive muscles are to nerve signals. If there is an imbalance in the levels, the patient may be diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder.

An NCS test is another way to diagnose pain. This test measures the speed and strength of electrical activity in a nerve. Nerve signals are transmitted by electrical impulses. They move very quickly through the nervous system. This test reveals if there is nerve damage.

Treatment for Neck Pain

Treatment for Neck Pain in St Louis is dependent on the cause of pain. Pain that is sourced from a soft tissue disorder can be treated with anti-inflammatory medicine. Even muscle relaxers and antidepressants can help. Hot and cold packs can be applied to the neck to reduce inflammation as well.

Those with neck and shoulder pain from arthritis can find relief from corticosteroid injections. Controlled exercises of targeted areas instructed by a doctor can improve flexibility in joints and strengthen muscles. Surgery may be necessary only when conservative treatments fail..

Neck Pain from a Degenerative Disease

Cervical disc disease can be a degenerative cause of Neck Pain in St Louis. The neck has something called a cervical spine. This part of the neck consists of bones separated by discs that have a cushioned substance. The cervical discs provide stability in the neck.

The discs are shock absorbers that can wear down over time. A doctor will first try physical therapy and medication for relief pain. If there is not much relief treating pain this way, a doctor may resort to surgery. Learn more at Website Domain.

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