How to Make Your Pet’s Vet Visit Easy

It is that time again when you have to take your highly anxious and rather large dog to the vet for a routine visit, and you are dreading every minute. Follow these tips to stop letting anxiety overcome you when you are taking your pet to your Logan Square veterinarian.

Non-Stressful Visits

Just like going to your doctor is nerve wrecking for you, this is the same way your pet feels about going to the vet. To ease the fear and anxiety, your pet gets at the vet; you should make sure that you make vet visits as comfortable as possible. The best way to make an animal comfortable is to let him/her get used to the vet, the technicians, and the office. You can do this by setting up a consultation visit that is during non-peak hours. This non-busy time should allow the office to see your pet without it being crowded, as well as giving your pet a calmer atmosphere. It is not going to guarantee that your pet is not going to have more high-intense visits, but this should eliminate some of the tension in both you and your animal.


If you know that your pet loves treats, then you should take full advantage of those goodies! Giving them to your pet throughout your visit (in small quantities) is a great way to keep him/her calm and happy.

Keeping Yourself Calm

It is a proven fact that animals feed off of their owner’s actions and feelings. Believe it or not, your pet can sense your fear and nervousness, just like you can his/hers. To prevent extra jitters for both you and your pet, you should practice different methods to ensure you stay relaxed. Sometimes taking deep breathes, or bringing someone along is helpful. You may even read a book while petting your pet. It is vital that you stay stress-free to make sure your pet also stays peaceful.

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