Pain Specialists Can Determine the Cause of Your Back Pain

No one is excluded from the ability to develop back pain. Although research has not completely proven precisely what contributes to back pain, there are certain factors that put others at greater risk for developing spine pain. Some of those risks include age, carrying excess weight, lack of exercise, some diseases, psychological conditions, smoking and improper lifting. Everyday life can be very difficult when you’re suffering from back pain. There may be days you don’t want even get out of bed and that’s no way to live life. It’s time to make an appointment for spine pain treatment in a Jacksonville pain management facility.

How Was Your Back Pain Acquired?

An important aspect of your spinal pain is exactly how you acquired it. Your pain physician is going to want to know how long your pain has lasted whether it’s been acute and has lasted less than six weeks, or if it has been chronic and lasted more than three months. Typically, chronic pain is not as common as acute pain. Were you injured due to heavy lifting or a fall? Sometimes back pain develops without any cause that can be detected by a physician with any imaging study or test. There are common conditions that are linked to back pain including ligament or muscle strain, ruptured or bulging discs, arthritis, osteoporosis, as well as skeletal irregularities.

The Right Pain Treatment Can Help

No matter what the cause is for your spinal pain, pain management specialists can help you treat your pain through various types of treatments. Once they have evaluated your symptoms and then inform concerning your overall health history they can determine a treatment that will help ease your pain and make it more manageable. Don’t let pain stop you from leading a fulfilling life, get the treatment you need today.

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