Put Your Pet’s Dental Needs First

You take care of your teeth. Did you realize you should be doing the same for your cat or dog? While there are treats available on the market that are intended to clean your pet’s teeth, you still need to take care of regular dental hygiene with your pets. You can do brushing at home with dental products that are designed for animals. However, you should be proactive by joining up with your veterinarian to get the best in dental care for your animals.

Early Treatment is Best
When it comes to animal teeth cleaning in Harwood Heights, the best thing you can do is start early. Bring your cat or your dog to your vet for regular dental exams. In addition to checking your pet’s teeth for any problems, your vet will also perform cleaning services. Your vet will benefit from many of the same services that you receive when you turn to your dental hygienist. Cleaning and polishing are typical steps in providing pet oral hygiene. If necessary, your pet will receive anesthesia during the cleaning. During an initial exam, your pet’s teeth will be evaluated. Anesthesia will be used when x-rays are taken to look for any underlying issues with your pet’s teeth. If there is any need for additional measures beyond cleaning, your vet will advise you on the next step. Your pet may need treatment for gingivitis. If teeth are seriously damaged or decaying, extraction will be recommended. When your pet receives preventative care and regular cleanings, you are less likely to need more advanced treatments.

Learn More About Dental Care for Your Cat or Dog Today
If your animal needs teeth cleaning in Harwood Heights, Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic is here for you. Visit today at www.web.com to learn more about dental care for your pets.

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